Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Observances and Discoveries

There is that appearance of calm and of peace across the water at the dam. The sky above it appears as quiet and still as I drive home in those soft, early minutes of everyone else's tomorrow. I, too, from some distance seem to have the same qualities on display. Better to observe from afar.

[Three paragraphs of navel-gazing deleted. You've been spared. Instead, happier stuff...]

While listening to the Vic Chestnutt station on Pandora tonight, I discovered the wildly hypnotic voice of singer-songwriter Jose Gonzalez. I'm hooked and am in full dig-up-and-listen-to-everything-he's-ever-done mode.

My shift was long and difficult tonight, but in a rare moment of fun I met a photographer who absolutely captivated me with his tales of taking pictures out in Rocky Mountain National Park with his infrared lens. He's also the photographer who took so many of those great shots of U2 during their stunning Red Rocks show in 1983. You can see his pictures at I'm very much in awe of his talents and I wish him nothing but the best. He's a great guy.

Thanks as always for stopping by to read whatever it is that I write.

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