Friday, February 19, 2010

iPhone apps

My wife and I love our iPhones. So do our kids. Ever since they saw us playing games on our phones, they want to play, too. We should have never let them see that iPhones are cool. Ari loves the glow hockey game (anything hockey is cool with her) and Josh likes Labyrinth. I saw tonight that Kottke linked to a list of good games for kids. I play Madden NFL and the rest of my apps are mostly camera or news related. The big hit for me is Words With Friends.

If you have an iPhone, what are some apps that you think I would like? Extra cool if they're free.


The Middle Child said...

The games I love on mine are Farm Frenzy, Plants vs Zombies, Marble Mash, Chalkboard Stunts, LetsTans, and A Snake. Oh, and Zombie Farm!!

David's Mom said...

Did you jailbreak your iPhone?