Monday, March 15, 2010

Disney for my kids, quiet time for me.

The cat's out of the bag. The initial plan was to not tell the kids
that they were going to Disney until their mom entered the park's
parking lot. Instead, since it was likely they'd find out anyway, they
know now. Boy, are they excited.

They've never been. Josh is six and Ari is five. As into the whole
princess thing she is, this is likely a dream come true for her. Her
mom signed her up for some kind of thing that is special for kids like
her. I forget what exactly, but it involves princesses.

I wonder what Josh will love most about it. The last time I went to
Disney, Pete from Pete's Dragon was in the parade and he waved at me.
It might have been a general wave to the crowd, but I'm pretty sure it
was specifically to this boy that he waved.

While the family enjoys their time in Florida, I'm here enjoying a
very quiet apartment. I unplugged the television and all other
unnecessary appliances as soon as they drove away. This in hopes of a
lower electricity bill and also just for the heck of it.

I might go watch some animated and live action shorts at the Belcourt
tomorrow. Come along if you like.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike it's boxset! Give me a shout we can get together & catch up on our lives...

TUG said...

My favorite part is Toontown! I don't know if they have that in Florida or if it's only California. I hope they stay for the fireworks.

theogeo said...

My parents took us to Disney World when I was five or six. That experience and some intense memories involving Space Mountain and Epcot have stuck with me ever since.

Anonymous said...

My kids LOVE watching Pete's Dragon!