Sunday, March 20, 2005

From the mouths of salespeople...

So, in respect to familial growth, our Chrysler Cirrus will no longer do as a means of comfortably transporting the 5 Murfreesboro Béziats. And so it is that we search a bit and settle on buying a 2002 Honda Odyssey. It stresses me to no end to be making payments on a vehicle, something I have never done. But I agree with my beautiful wife that it is both necessary and in our budget.

Cutting to the chase, my favorite part of the story is after we have signed all of the paperwork and are just about to get into the Odyssey and drive home. My wife is strapping our young crumbsnatchers into their carseats and the saleslady and I are standing together watching. This is when she quietly says to me, "Michael, you are really blessed." There is a slight and steady pause, just enough for me to wonder where she is going with this. Will she say that I have a lovely family? Will she stay in sales mode and touch on the excellent safety features or the great deal I got? She finally nods her head while gazing at the van and finishes, "You got the one with leather seats."

Oh boy. Blessed indeed.

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