Monday, February 02, 2009

Monday Me

Our living room looks so much nicer now and all we did was angle the couch out from the wall a bit, move one chair from one corner to another and get rid of another chair that was getting to look quite hideous. (It matches the couch if that tells you what I think of our couch.) Of course, we don't know what to do with the chair. I'd toss it into the dumpster outside our apartment, but it's against the rules to do that. Never mind that most days I see all kinds of furniture in the dumpster, but I try to be a rule follower so we're doing it redneck style and keeping the chair on our back patio area. It's big and fat and tacky and yours if you want it.

Is the economy getting you down? Me, too. Here's hoping we can get back to a point where just working for a living is enough. I can't whine too much as long as I'm only working one job. I'd love to find a second job, but feel limited with transportation challenges. Surely I can find something in walking distance and hope that my bosses keep giving me rides to and from work. The Honda is pretty much done and I can't afford to fix what ails it so it just sits outside. It runs but has issues and it might be time to just sell it for whatever and buy a good bicycle or save up for a scooter.

In awesome news, Nashvillest brings us the leaked line-up for this year's Bonnaroo concert. Bruce!


Heidi said...

the chair could be a great lesson in deconstruction. have your kids help you tear it apart and then put it in the dumpster...after you maybe find uses for some of the pieces.

The Old Man and His Dog said...

Park the non-working car on the lawn and your Redneck landscaping is complete.

Actually there is a way to get rid of both that is painless. List them on Freecycle and chances are any thing you could possibly want to get rid of could be gone by tonight.

I once furnished my apt with freecycle and then got rid of everything the same way when I moved.

Anonymous said...

We rearranged our furniture recently as well and the whole place has a brand new feel to it. I love it!