Sunday, April 26, 2009

6.6 Miles

I had a ride available to me yesterday, but it was so nice out that I chose to walk to work. If the marathon runners could run 26.2 miles for our Country Music Marathon , then I could surely walk 6.6 miles. At a leisurely pace, I braved the shoulders of Bell Road and Elm Hill Pike with Prince on my iPod and my old Sony Cybershot camera in my hand. I neglected to check the exposure settings and everything was quite overexposed, but I kind of liked the results after toying with them in Picasa. Here's hoping you like some excessive verdancy in your nature pictures.

A Fellow Walker

Not pictured is the snake that made me cross to the other side of the street. It was small and black and never moved at all. Whether or not it was dead made no matter to me. I froze in my tracks when I saw it maybe five feet ahead in my path. I backed up a few steps and quickly made my way to the other side. I mentioned it on Twitter in what was possibly my first use of profanity on that social networking service. Next time, I'm carrying a stick.


LeBlanc said...

If I walked like you do I would carry an AK-47 just in case of snakes...or clowns.

Anonymous said...

I've got a ton of snakes in my yard. I'm going to catch one and bring it to you!

Anonymous said...

your uncle bill ran in the marathon
yesterday and did very well - he's
just shy of being 59 so i think
that's super. he's running in a
triathlon in june with your cousin
melissa. about the snake, though -
triple UGH! i run far, far away from them. total gross.
love - mom
btw - as usual, love the pictures!

monstermash said...

Great pics!

There was a house at the bottom of Cabin Hill with a creek in it's back yard with TONS.O.SNAKES. I used to catch them for the fun of it. Not sure I would now. But I'm still great at catching craw- dads for the kids when we find them.

monstermash said...

Oh, and LeBlanc: An AK-47 is WAY too much fire power... any small handgun will suffice :)

Gnightgirl said...

Great pix. It's always dogs that make me backtrack and cross the street. If I can't see the leash or chain, I'm outta there.