Friday, April 17, 2009

Two Joshuas

It's funny how often we get compliments regarding our kids' behavior. I guess they are pretty well-behaved overall, but as their parents we also see them at their high-strung worst. Below are two recent Joshua moments. The first one isn't him at his worst, but it is him when he's annoying. The second anecdote choked up his sentimental parents a bit.

Yesterday morning, while driving my kids to school, I couldn't believe how awesome they were being. They both played quietly with their toys in their car seats and got along famously. This morning, however, was trouble immediately. He wanted something that she had. She was happy enough not giving it to him. He reached for it and she turned her body away from him. He whined and she ignored him. Their mom got involved and tried to figure out where they were in the conflict.

Mom: Joshua, what is your problem?

Joshua: I'm asking her a question and she won't answer me.

Mom: Ari, answer your brother.

Ari: I already did.

Mom: Joshua, she gave you her answer already. Just hush.

Joshua: But I wanted a different answer.

He can be so stubborn sometimes. It's "his way or the highway," as they say.

Sigh. The whining continued and Ari announced to us, "Joshua is not dealing with my answer very well." At least we got a giggle out of that.

Then there is the Joshua of last night. All honor and loyalty. From his early days of school, he's been keen on a certain girl. They've shared classrooms since they were both seven weeks old and as soon as he learned something about the concept of marriage he told us that he would eventually marry her. He's now five years old and still says the same thing even though he and she are no longer classmates. He's got a new female friend now and spends all of his free time playing with her. He might see the other girl in passing once or twice a day.

We asked him last night if he was still going to marry the first girl now that he's such good friends with the new girl.

"Of course, Momma," came his quick reply.

"Why is that?" his mom inquired.

"Because I promised her first," he said very matter-of-factly.

I may have a young gentleman on my hands after all.

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