Monday, August 03, 2009

Oh Eight, Oh Three, Oh, That Date Looks Familiar

I looked down at the date on my phone this morning and it took me a second to figure out why it was familiar: 08/03/09. It then occurred to me that it was 08/03/02 when Paige and I got married. She was already driving the kids to school when I realized that this was our anniversary so I quickly sent her a "Happy Anniversary" text. Romantic, huh? When she got to school, she texted back: "Oh yeah!! Happy Anniversary. I love you!!"

So, we both almost forgot our anniversary, but at least I remembered first, right? We should celebrate things like this a bit better. Maybe we'll plan something soon. Today is already a busy one. It's back to school for she and the kiddos. It's her first year teaching second grade and it's Joshua's first day as a first grader. It's also baby Sam's first day in the daycare. Ari's back in school, too, but it's just more preschool for the four-year-old. I enjoyed driving to school in time to walk Joshua to his new classroom and meet his teacher. Of course, there were no first-day jitters for him. He's been going to this building since he was about six weeks old. He confidently strolled into his new classroom, asked his teacher where to put his things, and settled in at his desk ready to start the day.

Life is good. Thanks to my beautiful wife for seven years of putting up with loving me in marriage. As a teacher, as a mom, as my wife and my friend, she's the best I could hope for. I'm a lucky guy.


monstermash said...

Happy Anniversary!

cherriedipp said...

Happy Anniversary and many more to come

Melissa said...

Happy Anniversary!

My birthday is the first!