Thursday, May 05, 2005

Cinco de Mayo! Time to get...acquainted.

It's three years to the day that I met my older sister. Given up for adoption some 30+ years ago, she sought us out and changed my life. We decided to meet at Bosco's on a Sunday morning on May 5, 2002. I can't imagine how hard it was for her to know all these years and wonder. I can't imagine how nervous she might have been to pursue this family she had never known. I can only speak confidently about how I felt to hear about her. I was excited to meet her and thrilled to get to know her.As she walked into Bosco's, I kind of knew immediately. My older sister. The person whose pigtails I was supposed to be pulling in younger years. The person I was supposed to get into fights with but look up to all the same. Well, we were spared the fights but I look up to her now. A kind and loving person. I'm lucky to be her little brother.Happy 5th of May, big sister.


judy thompson said...

Michael -
as the mother of both you and
Vickie, I appreciate your putting
this blog in here. I love all
three of my children very, very
much and getting to finally meet
Vickie was truly one of the largest
joys of my life -
love -

Jon said...

This post intrigues me. I was adopted, but have never even thought about tracking down my bioligical parents/relatives. Don't really know why. It just hasn't interested me. Genetic laziness, perhaps? Who knows.

Thanks for the post.

Vickie, Les, Sydney & Sarah said...

This is one of my favorite posts in your blog, of course. It occurs to me, though, that we need an updated picture of us (and our kiddies.)


Chez Bez said...

Good idea, Vickie. We need to make that happen soon. We need to hurry up though. Vandy's 3-0, so I believe that the world is almost at its end.