Monday, May 23, 2005

Everything's gonna be just fine.

Self and #1 son. All I do in life is worry. "Why can't I make more money? I'm a nice guy. That should be enough, right?" "What if we don't have the warranty on the van that we thought and it breaks down?" "What if the compressor on the house AC unit goes out and it costs $600 to fix?" OK, those two just happened. But overall, I worry about more than any man should.

All of my lessons learned in life seem to come down to one thing. I've got a great family who loves me. That's what the people with the money seek. That's what the people for whom all goes right seem to long for. The lesson remains that I have what I need and the smiles that hide a world of anxiety should be replaced by relaxed smiles that indicate the peace I have within.

This guy in the picture has improved my life in ways as yet unrecognized. Great wit, a way with people of all places in this world, an overall great guy. His friends and familiy are lucky beyond measure to know him and have him in their lives. Everywhere I take him, people later compliment me on him. The two cherubs I am raising who are his younger siblings, I can only hope that they exhibit the same character as he does. I'll do my best to help that happen. And maybe I can relax and worry a bit less in the process.


judy thompson said...

Christian is the way he is largely
because of his father. i've never
seen a better and more nurturing
father than you - both with him
and also with his younger brother
and sister. i'd like to think that
both your dad and i had something
to do with it, but i really think
that it's just the way you are.
you're truly an amazing father to
all three of your children; i wish
that i could have been half the
parent that you are. i salute you.
lots of love -

30Something said...

I loved this post.. Perfectly said.