Monday, May 09, 2005

Sunday in the park with Joshua

So Sunday came along and as is not often the case, I had the day off. Beautiful day that it was, the Murfreesboro Beziats decided to go to Centennial Park. It just so happened that the crafts fair was there, so there was no shortage of fun people and their dogs. Cherub above was in heaven. Big dogs and little dogs alike were everywhere, begging for him to giggle and pet them.

I was looking forward to getting some nice pictures of the goings-on, but with Paige busy with Ari and her stroller and me watching over Joshua, there just weren't many opportunities for pointing-and-shooting. As soon as I would crouch down for a shot, he'd be off toward some small and expensive crafts, with visions, I'm sure, of seeing just how breakable or throwable said crafts were. So, not a lot of pictures, but some sweet memories were had.

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