Friday, May 27, 2005

Who Am I?

So, I was made privy to a couple of people's opinions of who I am today. I don't think either opinion is correct. One opinion might be correct. And I'm pretty sure that it is impossible for both to be correct.

My boss asked me if I was going to the Skynyrd concert tonight, and I told him that I just wasn't really all that into them. He gave me a strange look and said that he was surprised to hear that. "I really took you for the kind of guy that likes Skynyrd," he mentioned.

The kind of guy who is into Lynyrd Skynyrd? Me? I spend my breaks reading The New Yorker magazine. I would describe myself as quiet, introspective, a bit shy. One of the coolest things I did in recent memory was to see David Sedaris read from his books at Langford Auditorium. (Thanks for the tickets, Dad.) No disrespect to the fans, but I feel that the proud self description of the average fan at Starwood Amphitheatre would be "redneck."

And I am left to think, my boss thinks I am a redneck? Music lover, yes. Someone who can appreciate that Lynyrd Skynyrd has some really well written songs? Absolutely. If I had free tickets and nothing better to do? Sure, I'd go and people watch and have a good time. But my boss's look told me that he thought I was a big time fan. The guy waiting in line to get the best seats. Cooler in my trunk full of Coors Light. A value pack of beef jerky in the glove compartment. Um...nope.

Later the same day. I hear from a coworker that a new girl has been chatting with him and asking questions about all of the others who work here. She's been asking some funny questions. "Why does Jim walk like that?" "Debbie has a weird laugh, doesn't she?" My first thought is that this new girl needs to be a bit more respectful and not ask questions about people that are maybe a bit rude. My second thought is "I wonder what she has been saying about me?"

My friend says, "Do you really want to know?"

You don't say no to that.

He hesitates and says with a tight smile, "She said that she first thought that you were kind of geeky, but now she's thinking that maybe you're kind of cool."

Hmmm. I'm a redneck? Or a geek? Or a geeky redneck? Either people don't know me at all, or it's time to call one of those reality makeover shows.

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Sam Davidson said...

Great to have found your site. I never took you for the Skynyrd type, mainly due to your reading material in the break room. Happy writing. See you around the hotel.