Thursday, November 24, 2005

Delbert McClinton, Bringing His Great Music To 3rd

Just a quick heads up.


Nashville Sunday Night
Delbert McClinton (special holiday show)
8:00PM @ 3rd & Lindsley

Go to the show or at least listen to it on


Corey said...

Should be a great time. I would enjoy that for sure, so are you going to be able to go?

Chez Bez said...

We'll see. My budget might only allow for me to listen to it on the radio.

BBLogan said...

OH Yeah! If you can swing the cover, I highly recommend you go. Seeing the show live will be an experience. AND... I recommend that you get tickets ahead of time. Got my tickets reserved online over the weekend.

Not only is Delbert the main attraction, but Jeffrey Steele is the opening act. He's AMAZING... a songwriter with so many hits that people think they are listening to a cover band when they hear him play his own stuff. He's also got several co-writes on the new Delbert album.

I can't WAIT!!! In fact, I'm going to go blog about it RIGHT NOW.