Wednesday, November 16, 2005

John Cusack, Talking Politics

Thanks to Mel's Diner for showing me the link. John Cusack, one of the good guys, writes his views on the Dems and why they need to make some noise. And he did so at Huffington Post, a daily stop for me.

A friend from work recently shared with me the buzz about how Bush might actually be facing impeachment. Whether I be a cynic or a realist, I wasn't excited about that possibility at all. All that meant to me was that a puppet would be removed from office and Cheney and his boys would be even more at the helm than ever before.

I'd love to see a centrist with a good heart get the votes next time around. I wish C-SPAN was more popular. Imagine a country of individuals with real knowledge of all goings on in the Senate and Congress, not waiting to hear the spin from their favorite partisan radio talk show host. I love football and life's other entertaining distractions, but I'd rather imagine the same passion going into understanding the motivations for our elected leaders' choices while in office.

Instead, we keep on rooting for the home team to score big while the politicians and their friends score bigger with our tax dollars. I'm just as guilty as most. I share my opinions, but I usually just preach to the choir. I have often been taught that silence is golden, but more and more I learn that silence is consent. A lot of wrong is done very often with too much consent.

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