Saturday, November 26, 2005

Skyline Chili Comes To Murfreesboro

On November 26, 2005, I brought a little bit of Cincinnati cuisine to Chéz Béz South. Surprisingly, it resembled the Cincy restaurant taste closer than I had anticipated. It lacked certain spices and I found my cupboard bare of the ever important Oyster crackers, but all in all, it got the seal of approval from my Georgia-Florida raised bride. As evidenced by the attached pictures, I was quite happy with it as well.

Now I have this urge to walk around the Clifton-Ludlow area of Cincinnati. How 'bout them Bengals?

(click the pics to enlarge)

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susan said...

Sorry I meant to comment on this last week (when I did, in fact, call you a dog right on the screen there). I myself am a displaced Skyline Chili afficionado. I'm not crazy about the frozen version but it could be I'm just missing the padded stool at the counter more than anything.