Friday, November 11, 2005

Out Of The "Lost" Loop

I've ignored it enough. I can't avoid it anymore. Absolutely everywhere I go online, people are talking about Lost. I always imagined that it was pretty good, but being a busy guy who works nights I thought I'd just let it run its course and do my own thing. I think that when it first came out, I thought it was a reality show anyway. I've got no love for those. Unless it's The Real World for some unknown reason. I could watch The Real World all day long.

But now political bloggers are writing about having to skip a protest so that they can watch Lost. Sports bloggers are missing big sporting events so that they can watch Lost. Religion bloggers are...OK, I don't read any religion blogs. But don't these people have TiVo? What about VCRs? No one wants to miss a minute of this show, and no one wants to watch it 3 minutes after anyone else.

Maybe this is just season finale stuff going on. But the buzz is deafening. It's even got me writing about it. So my question is, assuming it's too late for me to just start watching it now, after so much has happened, should I be renting DVDs of it? Should I know what this is all about? Or is this just a little pop culture guilty pleasure that folks are escaping to? Sound and fury, signifying nothing?

Let me know. I've got to go.


melusina said...

I got bored TO DEATH after watching the first 5 episodes.

So I dunno what to tell ya.

Linda said...

I started watching Lost about halfway into last season (I too thought it was a reality show until I was told otherwise).

Although I did my best to follow along, once they started showing the reruns this summer, the later episodes made a lot more sense. If you can't wait to catch up before jumping in this season, at least catch up while you're watching this season. You know, watch a couple episodes between each new one...