Sunday, December 18, 2005

This Blogger's Birthday

It's my birthday today.

I just thought my reader(s) should know.

I celebrated like any good thirty-six year old should. I worked my shift, clocked out, and went to Waffle House where the good waitresses comped my meal. And then I came home and listened to Tom Waits, checked some blogs, drank some beers, and went to sleep.

Note to self: party a little more next time.


Hurple said...

There is no party better than a 3 a.m. visit to Waffle House.

susan said...

Happy Birthday. How are you liking the present? Don't forget to save a piece of cake for breakfast (tomorrow).

Chez Bez said...

If by present, you mean my camera, I love it.

And the abscence of eggs in the fridge robbed me of a cake today, but I'm sure I'll have one soon.

Chez Bez said...

That should be spelled "absence".

Thanks for the kind words, too.

melusina said...

Happy Birthday!

Melhi said...

Happy Birthday, Mike!!! Waffle House... MMMmmmmm... Yummy!

judy thompson said...

happy birthday darling. for some
reason, i had thought that yall
would already be down in fernandina
beach; that's why i didn't send a
card or your PRESENT (yes, your
springsteen cd/dvd is here just
waiting for you). i'm still
pretty sick, though. ridiculous!
lots of love -

Ash & Alex said...

Happy Birthday!

Linda said...

Happy belated cake and candle day!!!

brittney said...

Birthday! Birthday!

BBLogan said...

**raises beer**
Here's to another trip around the sun! Whooheeeeeeeaaaaaahhhh.
AND your Mom obviously loves you a whole bunch... what with the Springsteen and all.
Waffle House.
Tom Waits.
Who needs to party after all that?!
Hope it was as fun as it sounds.

Muffy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!