Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Vacation Pics Within

And so another Christmas season has drawn to a close. The Beziats went to Amelia Island and had the nice time.

Click here for the link to some of the pictures we have chosen to upload. More on the trip later. For now, I'll just listen to some jazz and ease back into a Nashville way of living.


Boxset said...

Ahhhhhh! the sands of ye ole' Florida! I remember em' well!
Tell JEB hey for me while you're down there allright??
Meeeeeeeeeeerrry Christmas & Happy 2006

Vickie, Les, Sydney & Sarah said...

Enjoyed the beautiful pictures! What a nice way to spend the holidays. I look forward to watching Josh's karaoke debut!

Corey said...

Wow, the lighthouse is great. I love the placement, the colors and just everything about it. Hope the trip was a really good one and welcome back to Music City.

susan said...

Those are my kind of Christmas pictures. Did you return willingly or did someone have to drag you back?

Chez Bez said...

Thanks all. It's good to be home.