Sunday, November 23, 2008

I watch a lot more television now that I don't have the Internet in my home.

The laptop is dead. We can't find the original discs. I'm dealing with this better than my wife (I get Twitter updates on my phone; she does not).

Suddenly, last summer last week, it shut down while I was online and tried repeatedly to restart. Always back to the blue screen though. All options, SAFE MODE, LAST GOOD START, etc., resulted in the same unsuccessful effort.

Anyway, maybe our best course of action is to save what we can and take it to a local computer repair shop. I hope that we didn't lose the hard drive. There are a lot of good songs on the D: drive. (If they are lost forever, at least the songs are on my iPod and I can figure out how to move them from the iPod to the next drive later.)

The holiday season is tight enough as it is. I'm not even entertaining thoughts of a new computer. Between kids and family, I'd rather spend any available bucks on presents anyway. Or we'll just forget about a computer for the time being and just buy iPhones and surf the Internet that way. (I think I'm joking but maybe not.)

A thought occurred to me today regarding my iTunes account. I subscribe to dozens of podcasts. Since I don't have access to iTunes right now, is there another way to manage my account (i.e. unsubscribe to all of those podcasts)? If not, I envision logging back in, let's say sometime in March 2010, and suddenly seeing thousands upon thousands of podcasts trying to update all at once. I'd rather just kill them all for now and build them back up later.

Thanks for reading. Maybe I'll see you on Twitter. Log in and follow "beziat." I love it.


jane q. public said...

If you need to move the songs off of your iPod onto a computer, use Senuti (iTunes spelled backwards). It's easy.

monstermash said...

See, you can post when it's not midnight!

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

Dang I hate it that your computer died...but better yours than mine.

JUST kidding! that was so mean!

I was going to suggest a way to get the tunes off your ipod as well so let me know if you need it. Its a free download but if you want to grab more than 40 songs you have to pay a small fee. I found tons of songs I had lost so it was worth it for me.