Monday, November 03, 2008

Or Maybe It's Just A Phase

In recent developments, my daughter seems to be quite the hockey fan. At age three, and oh so "girly" in the ways of princesses and all things sweet and sensitive, I'm a bit surprised. But there she was, arguing with me tonight to watch the Devils and Sabres do their thing on the ice. I mentioned that hockey was on while I was surfing around to see what I wanted to watch. She wanted to watch hockey but I wanted to watch Monday Night Countdown prior to tonight's Redskins-Steelers matchup. Already mastering her way around a conversation she offered: "Dad, you do know that they're just talking about football, right? Now turn it to hockey."

She had made her point and so I turned it to hockey. She watched a few minutes, we talked about what was going on and the names of the teams and her short little attention span took her to the other room. It seemed like as safe a time as any and I turned the channel back to Monday Night Countdown. Within seconds, my little princess hurried back into the living room with actual tears on her face. I assumed her brother had made her cry somehow. Wrong. It was me. "Dad, you turned the channel when I didn't want you to," she accused.

Back to hockey. Olvia, the biggest hockey fan I know, is hereby welcome to borrow her and take her to a game whenever she wants.


Kate said...

I love it - I would most certainly watch the Sabres game too.

I surprised my parents by being the one who loved football and hockey, and girls who know their stuff can impress people for life this way.

Barbara(aka Layla) said...

OH MY GOSH! She is too much! I love it! Kate is right, its always a bit dull to hear a guy list of sports stats but impressive when a girl does it (is that sexist of me to say? I hope not!)

The Old Man and His Dog said...

I used to have tea parties on a regular basis with Marisa when she was your daughters age, but when there was a hockey game on she was always sitting there right next to me. Collected the hockey cards with me and knew all the good players.

I'll never forget the one and only hockey game I went to. It was the Flyers and I received two of those luxury box seat tickets from Aetna(it was while I worked in employee benefits). I could have chosen to go with any of my male buddies, but the thought never crossed my mind. My daughter Marisa was the first and last person I considered and we created a memory that will never fade!