Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm at the library and I have one hour to read everything on the Internet.

I'm at the library. Checking my mail. I guess I could blog a bit but it's just more fun for me to do that while listening to jazz in my living room...at midnight...pants optional.

Not much time for reading everyone's blogs here, also not much time for leaving comments. Suffice to say, I love you all. Holly and her cat are beautiful. Monstermash continues to post great videos. Sasha almost met Prince once. Corey checks out the Loveless Cafe. Leesa lives right and shares beautifully. (Nice new blog header there, my friend!)

Also, "Be careful on the edge of the continent."

As for the 700+ other posts that were waiting for me today when I checked my Google Reader account, I'll spare you the share.

Happy Holidays!

chez bez


peach said...

It was great to see you at lunch. Try not to work too hard on Thursday. Let's do our lunch again. Fun times!!

monstermash said...

Thanks for your words.
Happy Thanksgiving.

Holly said...

You're beautiful, and love you too, hon.