Saturday, May 02, 2009

Watching My Stories

The mighty Jane Q. Public made mention tonight on her blog of Bo and Hope Brady's presence on Twitter. While I'd like to say that I'm not the type to watch soap operas, I sure did watch my fair share of Days of Our Lives back in the mid-80s. My great-grandmother was a fan of the show and so when I spent a summer up on the farm where she lived, I watched with her and became more of a follower of those folks from Salem than I would ever admit to my buddies back home. (As it would turn out, they all secretly loved the show as well.)

Anyway, as linked on the Bo and Hope Brady Twitter account, here is a video montage of them getting it on kissing:


jane q. public said...


I started out watching it with my great grandma, too.

monstermash said...

Oh, the memories.

I started watching Days when I went to MTSU... my roommate was *addicted*.

holly wynne said...

Fantastic! I grew up on it, as did my mom (who watched it when she stayed home with us when we were little). I was in love with Bo for YEARS.

jane q. public said...

I actually attempted to schedule my classes for my first year at MTSU so that I could be back in my dorm room during Days. It's a sickness.