Friday, June 05, 2009

If I tweeted the old days.

In no particular order, here are some probable tweets from me in the 90s:

  • Going to Boardwalk Cafe tonight to see The Keep. Heidi is a great songwriter and singer, not to mention, quite the beauty.
  • Saw Himmelman at Ace of Clubs. Unreal. Out of this world! He got the crowd doing a conga line. Even this non-dancer.
  • This girl from Moto Photo is hitting on me I think. She's pretty, but has a boyfriend. Could be trouble; I'll see what happens.
  • Roommate and I know the truth. When life is tough, Private Stock tastes great. When life is great, skip the foulness of Private Stock.
  • Manager of Ace of Clubs put me on the permanent door list. Works for me. I love that place.
  • Working at a record store, I don't get paid much, but I sure do get a lot of free CDs and concert tickets. Works for me.
  • Wooten Brothers are awesome. Tiny Grapevine Cafe is packed this Wednesday night for them. I hope they play Wednesdays forever.
  • Why is the Nashville Zoo all the way out in Cheatham County? Jeez!
  • Forgot to pay for my sandwich at Metro Deli on Nolensville Road again. Gotta go back and pay Tom. Cool dude.
  • Went to a girl's house and we almost talked each other into a late night drive to Montreat, N.C. Maybe we should have just done it.
  • I've got such a good circle of friends. I hope we never drift apart. I doubt we will.
  • Record store shoppers can be kind of insane. That's okay, so can the staff.
  • Drivin n' Cryin at the Bijou in Knoxville. Rawk!
Back to the present. I might do this again soon. 


holly wynne said...

You are so freaking cool.

Anonymous said...

if i tweeted my days of youth - back in the late 60s - it would be
so cool to come up with all the
different things i did and still
managed to survive. of course the
greatest thing that happened was
exactly one week before christmas
in 1969 when a baby named michael
was born. that changed my life
forever and made me a much better
person - i hope. love - mom