Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Stuff Doesn't Work

Install firewall, get error message. Unable to connect to server. Go to settings to allow iTunes. No dice. Still no access. Uninstall firewall completely. Still unable to access iTunes Store. No podcasts for me.

Weird phantom account created. Locked out of standard account. After many hits and misses, create brand new Twitter account and start from scratch following folks and being followed. Now Twitter says it can't verify the email account associated with my Twitter account. I don't remember the password to it. After another day or so, Twitter will probably delete this and I'll have to start all over again. Ugh.

In less whiny news, I'm so captivated by the new Walter Mosley book. I don't have any password or server problems with it at all. It runs like a dream. You can borrow it from the library when I'm done with it.


Anonymous said...

I hear ya', it's totally frustrating! I bought a fancy phone that is GREAT unless you want to make a call, answer a call, or just plain ol' talk on it. And at work AND at home, my computer freezes all the

jon hickman said...

I'm always having troubles with itunes. Right now it will only manage one of my ipods. Dunno why. And it frequently slows to a crawl or worse. Ugh. I only have 15 gigs of music. Not sure whether that's a joke.

jon hickman said...

BTW - you shouldn't really need a firewall if you use your computer all of the time behind a router. Almost all routers have firewalls built in, plus windows has a basic software firewall. Software firewalls mostly serve to stop rogue programs, anyway.

Malia said...

DB refuses to upgrade iTunes because as we have it right now, it works and it uploads to his iPod. He's afraid that if he installs new versions, everything will stop working. I have a feeling he's right!

Sorry 'bout the Twitter thing. That sucks. I wondered why I wasn't seeing updates from you and then saw a tweet from Paige w/ your new handle. Hope you can get it all resolved!