Monday, June 01, 2009

Just Another Bald Guy

So I shaved my head again. When the heat of summer presents itself each year, I can't resist the temptation to take the clippers to my head and shear away. The kids got a kick out of helping out this morning. Joshua held the mirror and Ari told me I looked good. Paige inspected me afterward and touched up the parts that I had missed.

Most people don't like my look when I do this, but I actually got a couple of compliments today. At least I'm taking them as compliments since I was compared to movie stars. In both cases, it's not so much that I really looked like said stars, but that a quick glimpse brought those stars to mind. Good enough for me.

A coworker said that as I turned toward him, he thought of Tim Olyphant in Live Free or Die Hard. A movie star? Usually folks just worry for me that the hair won't grow back. Very cool.

When I got home from work and was resting on the couch, my wife turned at one point and her glimpse of me reminded her of Bruce Willis. (Shall I link to Live Free or Die Hard again?) While I don't think I am nearly as buff as Bruce, I can turn a wicked smirk. I think so anyway.

Here's me, sporting my summer cut. I'll try to keep it like this for a month or two and see how many other movie stars I get compared to. Should I hire an agent to help me make millions? I work nights, but am available for modeling and acting gigs in the mornings.


holly wynne said...

Just skimmed this post for the pics. The 3rd bald guy is the hottest :).

The Old Man and His Dog said...

Wow for a second there I thought you looked like Homer Simpson.

Anonymous said...

Vin Diesel anyone?

Nice! Hubs shaves his head and I think it's uber sexy, especially when he grows the goatee....

chez bez said...

holly: I do agree. Those other guys wish they were me.

Old Man: Um, "Doh!"

finnspace: Yes! I can't grow a goatee to save my life, but I do think I am rocking the shaved head thing.

Anonymous said...

DB just did his summer cut, too. He doesn't go quite as short as that though. And tonight, we tried to do GMan's too but the buzz of the clippers unnerved him. Maybe tomorrow!


grandefille said...

The new 'do simply adds to Teh Awesomeness, good sir. Teh Awesome is now slightly Teh Ominous, like an honest corporate titan about to take on The Conglomerate (and win).

Also, strong resemblance to a wistful Stanley Tucci.

~ passes sunscreen ~