Monday, October 19, 2009


Just yesterday morning my wife and I were talking about the Titans. I made a point about their then 0-5 season. I stated that even though so many players and fans complain that the team doesn't get much media attention for wins and winning streaks, the nice thing about that is that they also don't get much of that attention when they lose. For example, more people were talking about the 1-4 Raiders than our winless professional football team.

Then yesterday's game happened.

Holy crap, what a beating that was. At least it was a family fun game in that when my kid asked me to play with him with his Star Wars men at some point during the third quarter, I was more than happy to oblige. At least the Rebels on the ice planet Hoth took down a few AT-AT Walkers in their struggle against the evil Empire. The Titans did absolutely nothing against "Darth Hoodie" and his snowtroopers. (Too much metaphor?)

So we're back to wondering what can be done to fix this team. Actually, I don't have to do the wondering. I've got work and family and those nice things to hold my attention. As for the fix, here's as good an idea as any: I Have a Serious Proposal for my Home Team.

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Anonymous said...

Titans have a horrible season? Time for Nashville's plan B, country music!
Ask almost anyone in the country if they have heard of Nashville and they will say yes. And that was before football came to town.