Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Delivered Expressly by El Camino

Here's my new car, courtesy of my generous mom. If I was to advertise on the side of the Cube, what would be the perfect product? I keep thinking of a tiny milk truck when I see it.


Anonymous said...

that car is so cute i just wanna squeeze it!

The Old Man and His Dog said...

When I had the xB I always got the Ice Cream Man, Bread Truck, and Refrigerator comments but the one I bought a decal for, the winner was......"You just got beat by a toaster!". Put it in the back window so they could see it when I passed them on the highway!

monstermash said...

Congrats!! :)

Melissa said...

i love the car, i also want to squeeze it, but i am afraid i might get some milk.

cherrie said...

I love the car and am so glad you have reliable wheels now. Your mom is wonderful to help you out. Congrats!!!!!

The Middle Child said...

You could put black cow spots on it and advertise for Dell!

It's wicked cute!

grandefille said...



You need to call the marketing folks over at Purity Dairies and say, "I have a perfect advertising spot for you all."


Kelli said...

Middle Child, don't you mean Gateway? :)

Anonymous said...

like everyone else, i've been
thinking of a new name for this car
and knowing our family, i've got it!! from michael, matthew,
christian, all the way down to joshua - i've finally got it! the
new name of michael's car MUST BE
called Storm Trooper! search your
feelings, you know it is so.
from me the grandmother, to the two
boys,to the oldest boy and the
youngest boy - our whole family is
a star wars family through and
through. and with the cube being
white, you just know this has got
to be a Storm Trooper!!
love - mom