Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Oldies Music and Vacation News

Julie London sings "Mad About The Boy" and I sit in my wife's favorite chair while she and the rest of the family sleep peacefully (I guess) in their beds. I'm on a Sinatra kick again and Pandora must know. After Julie London? "Come Fly With Me" by Frank, thank you. I picked up a live recording of a Sinatra concert from 1957 (I think) from the library today. There was so much delight in driving home tonight listening to him as I crossed the dam under a soft and cloudy sky. He might have been a bit drunk ("I'm up to here in Crown Royal.") as he seemed one sip past buzzed from time to time. I look forward to listening to the rest tomorrow.

Speaking of Sinatra and singers of his era, I recently rediscovered WAMB over at 99.3 on the radio dial. I used to listen to it on 1160 AM back in the early nineties when a friend turned me onto Tony Bennett. For the last couple of weeks, it's been WAMB that I've been enjoying the most on local radio. I just wish that they had a larger playlist of songs. It would be nice to not feel like I've heard absolutely everything from their library after such a short time of listening to the station.

Have you picked up a copy of Nashville Retrospect yet? It's the best new thing I've found. It's a monthly paper with news stories from Nashville's rich history. Pickup locations are here.

In family news, I'm hoping that things will work out for our upcoming vacation. I requested time off but was second on the request list to someone else. He generously agreed to postpone his vacation so that I could go, but there's still the matter of one day that no one can help me with. I'm on the schedule and if I can't get that day off, then one part of our vacation will be affected. Suffice to say, my wife may leave for a girls' weekend four hours south of us while I stay home for a few days with the kids. Then she'll drive back so that we can all drive approximately nine hours south to Florida for the family vacation. This seems like too many extra miles on the car, but now that I think about it maybe it's not. If we went to Florida first and then she drove north for some hours for her girls' weekend and then back to Florida afterward... Well, point made. This way, she'll be able to drive the new car down and back and then we can drive the van to Florida. In this scenario, I'll be watching the kids by myself. In the preferred scenario, I'll be watching them in Florida with in-laws around to help. No biggie either way. If it's here that I stay, I welcome any and all family and friends to come visit. Just don't be surprised if I go to take a nap when you arrive. After you watch my kids, you can whitewash my fence. There's nothing cooler. Tom Sawyer and I swear.

Thanks for reading this far. Enjoy this picture of some Skyline Chili. Yum!


The Middle Child said...

I totally *heart* Pandora!!!!

Anonymous said...

No comment necessary on the Skyline Chili photo..."A picture is worth 1000 words"