Sunday, October 04, 2009

Third From The Left


212degreedesigns said...

TOTALLY DOING THE HAPPY DANCE FOR YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE IT!! NOW!! The most important questions IS,.. what decals do you want for it? You have a credit here with me... it is a THAT IS FREAKING AWESOME credit. Don't question it, or I'll just start sending you random ones... right after you send me your address... lol

holly wynne said...

SHUT UP. I thought you meant you WANTED the third one from the left, and I was totally about to say ME TOO, but then it dawned on me. And then I had to go all caps on your tail. CONGRATS!

eric dolphy said...

great!! no more sore toes for you sir!

this car looks like a mac car. it's looks kind of like the square power source for a mac laptop.

real good man!

Newscoma said...

Thank goodness. Your poor dogs were worrying me. (And you getting plowed over by some crazy drunk in the middle of the night.)

chez bez said...

Thanks all. My mom absolutely rocks beyond words. I'll take more pictures when I get a chance.

The Old Man and His Dog said...

Congrats! Which one did you get? Looks like an SL?? We are still dealing price on a green sl with everything except the ginormous package. You gotta email me the details and a bigger picture.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So what do Pablo Picasso and Mr. Bez have in common..?

They're both Cubists..!!

A new era, son..!! --Pops

Anonymous said...

i really do love the car, michael.
you'll be able to have it for a
very long time.
Newscoma - what you said were the
exact reasons why i got it for him.
didn't want him to get run over by
some drunk or somethng. LOL
i wouldn't have gotten the color
mainly because i'm a purple person
but it's truly out of sight. i went on a test drive with him and
it's so very nifty. the interior
is so blessed cool! love - mom

The Old Man and His Dog said...

Your Mom is "out of sight", "nifty", Blessed cool"