Friday, May 19, 2006

Clyde Kennard, Exonerated

On May 4, 2006, I wrote about Clyde Kennard. I had read about his wrongful conviction and how he died imprisoned three years into his seven year sentence.

Then, on May 16, 2006, I read uplifting news. In short:

On Wednesday, May 16, 2006, Judge Robert Helfrich agreed with a motion brought by a legal team led by former Mississippi Governor William Winter, former Federal Judge Charles W. Pickering, and former Mississippi Chief Justice Reuben Anderson, and overturned Kennard's conviction, declared him innocent, and expunged the record of his arrest. The honest and fair District Attorney, Mr. Weathers, truly represented the people of Mississippi by agreeing to the motion and also stating his firm belief in Clyde Kennard's innocence.


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