Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Weight Of It All

Those who are close to me know that the family and I are packing up and leaving Murfreesboro for pastures just east of Nashville. This is because we are tired of spending so much time in our cars (and so much gas) going to our respective workplaces.

The short of it is that this has not been a smooth time. We put our house on the market but never really looked hard at new places to live until someone finally put an offer on ours. Our realtor told us that this is how most people do this and not to get nervous about accepting an offer before putting an offer down on another home ourselves. So we accepted the offer and Paige looked after school in her area for places we might be interested in. There weren't very many in the Mt. Juliet area in our price range and size needs and with time marching on, we expanded our search. We found a couple and ultimately put an offer on one. But the owners counter offered and in the end, it just wasn't meant to be. With homelessness approaching, and the window of time closing for what is needed to buy a house at all, we felt the enormous pressure and decided to go the apartment route and look for houses again in a few months.

A couple of days ago, after a few dead ends, Paige found a nice apartment complex a few miles between our workplaces. We would both drive fewer than ten miles to work each day as opposed to the thirty that we had been doing from Murfreesboro all this time. Now, the only stresses left for us were just basic moving expenses and the actual heavy lifting associated with it all.

And then today happened. Turns out that the people who are buying our house had the sale of their house fall through. And now the soonest that they might be able to move in here would be July 1st, not June 1st. And this after we had just giving the apartment people $150 of non-refundable money. This after so much stress and time and tears and relief. Back to stress, time and tears, relief will be put off until a later time.

Now the house is back on the market and I hope someone offers more money than the current offer. We'd be allowed to take the higher offer and maybe finally see a positive to this whole thing. So I guess we're back to looking for a house to settle into by July 1st or an apartment by the same date if we don't find one in time. And I'm back to 8 a.m. showings where I have to act as a fugitive from my own home on six hours sleep. But maybe it's for the best. I pray that it is.


Linda said...

Good luck - you'll want to avoid our Donelson neighborhood... it's pretty redneck!

Anonymous said...

Look around Hermitage. There are lots of houses for sale around here. Andrew Jackson Blvd, Saundersville road and more.

Chez Bez said...

Thanks guys. Yeah, Hermitage is also on our list. I was driving through Hermitage and it looked like a very nice area.

R Beziat said...

Chez Bez,

As you well know, your older son's high school ROTC group occasionally serves breakfast down at the Union Mission homeless shelter on Lafayette Street

Damn...He raves about the oatmeal and the price is RIGHT

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