Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I'm spending more time trying to think of a title to this post then I did writing the post itself

Either Season 3 is weak or Mad Men is a show that is better watched the way I watched the first two seasons, an entire season over the course of two or three nights instead of one episode a week. It's only recently that I agree with the criticisms that it moves along way too slowly. I think I'll give Season 3 a rest for now and watch it all at once at the end.

Here are some pics I took on my late night walk home a few nights ago.

This building reminds me a bit of Nighthawks At The Diner from afar. Except that it's pretty much the opposite.

Scary trees on a hill. I saw this and thought of the image of the knight on the horse that terrorized Robin Williams in The Fisher King. It just needs a bit more fire.

Three shots from my late night dam crossings:


eric dolphy said...

2nd from the bottom is awesome sir!

holly wynne said...

LOVE the Fisher King one--it totally looks like that scene. Very striking.