Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Route

I tried a new route for walking home from work Saturday evening. Considering Lebanon Pike, I wondered if it might be a bit more pedestrian-friendly than the sidewalk-lacking Elm Hill Pike. Sure enough, it was about the same distance as my usual route, but it felt a lot safer. Also good news, it looks like there's a bit more shoulder for bicyclists so I may try out my borrowed bicycle on Sunday.

Someone stopped and offered me a ride on this walk but I was almost home and feeling good. As you can see in the picture, I wasn't exactly dressed in the safest colors for walking at night. I initially hadn't planned on walking, however, I got off early and my ride had to stay late so instead of waiting around the workplace for an additional four hours, I opted for trekking it dressed as a cat burglar. Smart.

1 comment:

Nickname unavailable said...

No no...Not dressed as a "cat burglar"...You look exactly like a border guard on the night patrol bridge between San Diego and Tijuana

---Pops (the Chinaman)