Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Mad Men, Skyline Chili, and me

Last week I decided that I wouldn't watch Mad Men anymore until the end of the season. Then I'd watch those skipped episodes back to back so that hopefully the lackluster episodes wouldn't linger on my mind as much. Of course, I didn't follow through on my plan and watched this week's episode tonight. There was so much more punch in the direction tonight. Snippets of scenes to come enticed perfectly. Their payoffs at the end rose to the level of their intrigue. I'm back to loving the show.

No matter what I eat this week, it won't beat last Saturday's lunch. Skyline Chili, courtesy of my dad. I didn't quite recreate the goodness that is the Skyline Chili Cheese Coney, but I came as close as one can in Nashville, Tennessee.

It wouldn't be a post if I didn't go on a bit about my long walks to and from work these days. Six point six one way and again home at night. I think I finally reached my breaking point today. I started out my usual way and was making good time until I saw what I should have remembered. Construction work on the dam forced me to have to turn around and walk a longer route. I was an hour late for work and absolutely exhausted even before the official beginning of my workday. Someone who ignored her stop sign came very close to hitting me.

That close call, following the previous night's tough walk home, led me to a feeling of utter exhaustion all day long. Yesterday my wife drove me to work since she got home from lunch too late for me to walk and get to work in time. Thinking ahead, I put my borrowed bicycle into the van with the intention of riding it home that night. It doesn't have lights and so I found myself at the end of my shift walking my bicycle home. Two police officers pulled over to talk to me and to remind me that I'm not allowed to ride it without a light. It was so ridiculous that I was actually in a good mood about it all. I'd like to thank those cops for reminding me to keep not breaking the law.

I could  look at fashion photography books all day long. This book is titled Unseen Vogue and is available at my local library. Well, when I return it, that is.


Anonymous said...

if i hadn't sent you an email
concerning a car, your blog did it
for me right there. we will FOR
SURE go to a dealership in a few
hours and get you a car. am tired
of being scared of you possibly
getting run over or pulled over by
the police and things like that.
you need a new car and that's that.
am hoping that you'll be able to get one sometime tomorrow (today)
so i won't have to worry so blessed
much. this is the one good thing to
come of my daddy dying - a chance
for you to get a new car. and in a
few hours (i hope) that's just what
you're going to have. love - mom

Anonymous said...

btw - i love skyline chili too. i
can find it in the grocery store
and am now thinking seriously of
getting a few cans of it. thanks
for jogging my memory of that
wonderful chili.
love - mom

holly wynne said...

Did you get my text the other day? I don't know if you know, but Skyline chili is now available in your local freezer aisle...

susan said...

Crazy, I had Skyline chili three times this week! I leave out the hot dog though and just go for the mustard chili sandwich. It may be my fondest memory of growing up in Cincinnati.