Monday, September 07, 2009

Two from Labor Day

My mom came over to visit today and was kind enough to bring me a big stack magazines: The New Yorker and New York. The piece in the latter on Annie Leibovitz was a bit of a wild read. It's old news now about her financial troubles, but it's really staying with me. I don't know much about photography, but people say that I have a good eye for it and I really appreciate their kind words. I enjoy it, however, I can't imagine making any money at it. So it's just my humble little pastime. Give me a day off from work and family obligations and all I want to do is walk around the city taking pictures of buildings, skies, bridges, railroad tracks, etc.

It's curious to me to think of Annie and the career that she has and then to consider how utterly in debt she is. Of course, I can't give her too much criticism for being bad with money. I'm bad with it, too. But according to the article I read, her irresponsibility with hers makes me look like quite the financial sage. I'd like to think that if someone wanted to pay me several thousand dollars for a photo shoot, I'd... Oh heck, I'd probably blow it.

Anyway, I'm home with a sick kiddo and his sisters on Tuesday while Paige is goes to Walmart to get new tires for the van. If anyone wants to pay me for pictures, that's cool. As the saying goes, the babies need shoes.

Have a nice day.


Anonymous said...

since i left home right after janet
left, i wasn't able to read that
particular article - and wanted to.
in a few words, what's the deal?
buying too many cameras, developing
equipment, etc? or some other sort
of scurilous behavior like too many
shoes and clothes, etc. if you don't mind, send me an extremely
short precis on what ails her,
please? inquiring minds and all
that jazz. love - mom

Cabbage Babble said...

How does one go about purchasing a Chez Bez original?