Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Company Man

Another weird night at work and I am exhausted. The guy who does the job that I hate quit today. This means that until his replacement is found, I'm the guy. Doing what in other industries, seniority would have taken me far from by now. But there is no seniority here. They just make schedules and fill holes. My name always seems to come up first when it's time to fill holes.

It's been better lately though. I've got the heart of a second shifter and it's been a long time since I have found myself setting the alarm for 3:00am for a first shift duty. 8:00am is the earliest I have had to come in lately, and that shows me that management cares somewhat for me. But now, it looks like while I am still happily on second shift, it'll be a more difficult and less rewarding one than I prefer.

Taking one for the team. That's what I do. When the time comes for me to put them down for a reference as I try to better myself, they had better speak highly of me. For them, I suffer kindly...everyday.

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BBLogan said...

Bummer. Hang in there, brother. Sounds like that Starbucks is going to come in handy.