Monday, October 31, 2005

The Nashville Library Website Just Got Cooler

While checking my record this morning to see if my copy of Nighthawks At The Diner had come in yet, I found a new feature on the Nashville Public Library website. They have added an image collection.

Here, I have found Nashville postcards dating back to 1907. I have found interesting and historic photos of downtown Nashville from several decades past. I see a picture of JFK speaking at the Maxwell House Hotel in 1959. I also see a photo of Mayor Beverly Briley's Oath of Office. (Sorry about your messed up parkway.)

There is a 1962 photo of the under construction Municipal Auditorium, where I would later meet the likes of Def Leppard and Bon Jovi. I also found a photo of the Hume Fogg basketball team from 1969. My brother would later play for the same school.

As cool as this is, I need to get down to the library and visit their Nashville Room and see what else they've got. I may have a Murfreesboro address, but I've got a Nashville heart and soul.


melusina said...

Wow, VERY cool!!!

Now I can get nostalgic and homesick at the same time. Great find, thanks for posting it!

Sam Davidson said...

I played for Hume Fogg, although it was baseball. Small world. I'll have to check out that room, too.