Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Who Do You Love?

That title only vaguely goes with this entry, but in thinking of two friends and their famous former boyfriends, I thought of that great Bo Diddley song. Rock still hasn't really improved on that great classic tune. Anyway, on with the blog...

So, now I have two friends from work who are kind of like rock stars in my eyes. And by that, I mean that they both have dated famous people - one of whom is actually a rock star. These two women were already cool in my book, but their former boyfriends raised them up a notch or two.

The first one, I haven't seen in a few years. It's a shame how people so easily drift apart. No big falling out, no big drama. Just that moment when you realize that you haven't talked to that person in about six months, which later becomes years. That's life I suppose.

Anyway, E. and I were good friends who had football in common. Big Titans fans, we went to a few games together, talked about each game the day after, and generally had the big time. Some people thought we were dating, but it wasn't like that at all. We were just really good friends. Then one day, I started talking about how much the Cincinnati Bengals were a part of my football childhood. The great games with names like Ken Anderson and Cris Collinsworth and Icky Woods.

It was at this point that she told me that she and Cris used to date. I was over at her house and she dug up an old picture of him to show me. It struck me as a bit weird that the man who had once been her boyfriend was also the man on the poster on my wall when I was a child. No wallet size for me. How about 16x20?

And recently I was talking to a good friend who I admire greatly. Our thing tends to be music, always getting around to cool John Prine stories and such. Just a few weeks ago, she tells me that she used to date Southside Johnny. Being a man who listens to at least one Bruce Springsteen song a week and sometimes the same Bruce CD in my car for three weeks straight, I am now quite enamored by this info. Anyone with any E Street connection at all is immediately immeasurably cool in my book. It's safe to say that I will forever hang on her every word from now on.

Seriously, I hang on her every word anyway. She is an incredibly compassionate person and I'm lucky to call her my friend. I wish her the absolute best in life and I hope that in a few years I'm not remembering her as yet another person from whom I've drifted.

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