Wednesday, October 05, 2005

It Takes A Mother-In-Law

Money remains tight. But the love at Chéz Béz remains strong.
Mother-in-law is now officially a cohabitant. Hurricane Katrina did what she did, and now Biloxi has been traded for Murfreesboro. Fewer casinos, but more grandchildren. And now, I have to step up my game.

I've always been a lousy housekeeper (I honestly don't see the apparent dirt and dust and clutter that is only too obvious to others), and mother-in-law is exceptional at maintaining beautiful cleanliness. And so, I have to keep myself in check. No more leaving dishes in the sink with the intention of getting to them "when I get the chance." I must rise to the occasion and minimize the need to pick up after me.

She has been here only a few days now, and the "clean the garage" project is high priority and she has taken the bull by the horns. This garage (with no help from yours truly) is, after years of respectful neglect, looking like a nice place to park one's car. It's amazing the things one can do when there is not a blog that needs maintaining, a video game that needs playing, or a nap that needs taking.
I'm grateful that she's here and hope that she always knows just how welcome she is. (Yes, I tell her.) Except I have this sneaking suspicion that my next day off will be spent cleaning out closets and building shelves.

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