Friday, January 13, 2006

Advice Please

Shopping for a new laptop
Is Computer Renaissance best or somewhere else?
Should I consider a Mac?


Ivy, the Great and Powerful said...

I got my new computer at Best Buy. I think I got a good deal, but I still don't really reccomend Best Buy, the experience is like being in a naughty kindergarten. But I'd at least check at Best Buy to see what kinda deal they have.

Ash & Alex said...

I love IBM, and I used EBay to buy one last time.

susan said...

Yes, definitely consider a Mac. I had a PC for fifteen years. Then quite by accident, I got saved. You may spend the rest of your life paying for it but in a month, you won't care. MacAuthority.

Proud Mom said...

Do your homework before you do business with Computer Renaissance. Check their rating on the BBB. I remember a few years back hearing (or reading) some bad reviews of that place. I think they have some negative reviews on the BBB website. I enjoyed MAC when editing videos and working with graphics and such. It really depends on what your main usage will be. Again, do your homework on that, too. Not sure if EVERYTHING is MAC compatible yet. Though it may be. MACS are VERY user-friendly and very expensive. So, unless you plan to do lots of digital imaging of photos/graphic arts, video editing, you may not need that type of machine. Mine's a DELL laptop I bought from the DELL website. It's been working solid for almost 3 years. I think I even got some rebates for buying straight from their website. It's a computer.

Hope that helps.

Proud Mom said...

HA - I just read my post and had to laugh at that last sentence. "It's a computer." Meant to say, "It's a good computer." Also strange is that my blog name shows up as 'proud mom' and it should read 'Les, Vickie, Sydney and Sarah.' Don't know how that suddenly changed on its own.