Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Give The People What They Want

OK. I haven't had a comment left here in days. (Friends and family don't count.)

What's a guy gotta do to get some comments left around here? I give you Bukowski references. I give you Springsteen and Bon Jovi posts. Heck, I even give you pictures of cute babies for crying out loud. Seriously, they cry out loud.

What's it gonna take? I won't dooce myself and blog about work. I need and love my crummy job. And my bosses are the greatest! (Yeah, yeah. I'm a suck-up. And you're not?)

The lovely and talented Brittany of Nashville Is Talking fame even links to me from time to time and she's like the Queen Of Blogs or something like that. Seriously, she's the reason I started this blog in the first place so I love that she even notices little ol' me.

Maybe I just need to live a more interesting life, which reminds me of a telling conversation I recently had with my wife. We were driving around on Amelia Island where many of my in-laws live on our last vacation, looking at houses and wondering if we could ever afford one of them. The plan is to move there one day to be closer to her family. This is fair because we have lived close to my family here in the Nashville area for so long.

In imagining giving up the fun, progressive city of Nashville, with its festivals and its great music shows and hiking trails and museums and such, I wondered aloud how I'd deal with moving to such a quiet, sleepy little beach town. Her reply hurt in its profound honesty.

"You don't do anything in Nashville. It couldn't be that different."

My lovely wife was dead on. I don't do jack. I wake up late, surf the web, go to work the second shift at my job, come home and watch TV or check my blogs. And that's about it. The last concert I saw was Joss Stone. But it was a streaming webcast online. The last movie I saw was on IFC. And the last time I went out for a beer was on my front porch tonight after I took my dog out for a walk.

This, of course, is not a life to complain about. This is a life of contentment. But back to the matter at hand, it doesn't make for good storytelling. So I turn this over to you, the reader. I'm open to ideas. And if I get nothing, that's OK too. I've got lots of cute baby pictures I can post.


Hurple said...

Hey, you're lucky you ever get comments. I think I've gotten exactly... NONE that are not from friends or family. It's really starting to discourage me from posting anymore.

Muffy said...


I just haven'thad a chance to check on my regular blog reads!!!!

The love's in Singapore!!!


BBLogan said...

Pick one night a week to go somewhere... to look for "blog material" yeah... that's it... This week I suggest:
3rd & Lindsley.
Friday night.
Kentucky Thunder (Jonell Mosser, Vicki Carrico, Etta Brit, Sheila Lawrence)

BTW: How's the SW project coming along?

melusina said...

We're all still here, just haven't been very "commenty" anywhere lately.

The cute baby pictures are always worth coming back.

Life may not be as exciting as you want it to be, but it sounds fulfilling just the same. Normal, everyday life can be just as interesting as going out every night. Because let me tell you, as someone who did the rounds of 12th and Porter and GoldRush and MultiBobs or random shows somewhere every night way back when, you just end up doing the same damn thing and running into the same damn people even when you DO go out.

Chez Bez said...

Thanks all. It's always nice to see some comment love.

And Mel,
MultiBob's? I haven't thought of that in more than a decade! Do you remember the stencils advertising that place all over the Hillsboro Village area? Ahhh, good times.

And BB,
Progress is being made with the SW project. I've got a real smart lady putting together my resume. I expect to see all of the right "power words." If I get it, she's definitely getting free passes.

melusina said...

MultiBob's really dates me, doesn't it? Ah well. Everything about that place was cool but also pretentious. The Flying Fish, not so much.