Thursday, January 19, 2006

I Need A Bruce Springsteen Intervention

As proudly and graciously stated here last month, my mom was kind and loving enough to buy me the Bruce Springsteen Born To Run reissue for my birthday. That was December 18, 2005. I promptly inserted said disc into my car stereo and until yesterday, I just let it play and play and play, uninterrupted. Typically, I am in my car for 90 minutes with each trip to and from work. Even on days off, I find myself driving for at least 30 minutes or so with errands and such.

Yesterday morning, I did the math and decided that I had been listening to one 35 minute album entirely too much. Songs were making their way into my dreams. Melodies and verses were always with me. And there is just too much good music out there for me to spend so much time with just one small collection of songs.

So, as I was getting ready for work, I pulled three CDs from my bookcase that would make for good replacements to that excellent Born To Run CD. Aimee Mann's Whatever from December 19, 1995, David & David's Welcome To The Boomtown from October 25, 1990, and one more that I tried to ignore but couldn't.

Five minutes down the road, the replacement CD was serving me well and inspiring me with the poetry of a beautiful spirit. The Rising, Bruce Springsteen's masterful collection of songs written after and about the terrible events of 9/11, always stirs my soul toward hope and love. The Rising was released on July 30, 2002, just a few days before I became a better man and married my beautiful red-haired bride.

Her favorite musician is a Jersey man, too. And so, while Jon Bon Jovi is serenading her on February 14, 2006 at the Gaylord Entertainment Center, I will be by her side, loving that I am by her side. But I'll probably hear the words to Bruce's "Red Headed Woman" in my head as I watch her watch the stage. Bruce has Patti and I have Paige. Life is good.

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