Friday, January 27, 2006

Record Albums On The Radio

The DJ? Ashley.
The show? Alphabet.
The station? 91.1 WRVU Vanderbilt.

The pops and hisses sound great.

Want to see an example of her typically awesome playlist? Right here.

The show I'm listening to will be archived until this Monday. Everyone really should listen in every week. It's good for ya.


Rex L. Camino said...

I've caught Alphabet a few times before and found it a pretty good mix.

Nashville Jumps is probably my favorite show in Nashville, and WRVU is easily my favorite station (though the ramblings and constant use of the word "anyways" by some of the DJs drives me crazy).

Chez Bez said...

Yeah Rex, I'd say that Nashville Jumps is by far my fave radio program.

And as a result, my family listens to way more Louis Jordan on car trips than they want.