Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Action For Christmas, Please

I just read a story about Springsteen "gushing" over the chance to meet Nick Lachey at a party so that he could tell his daughter Jessica Rae about it. Apparently, she is a huge fan of Lachey and "would have killed him if he didn't make contact with the pop star."
A partygoer told Page Six, "(Springsteen) ran across the crowd to gush over Nick and hugged him -- so he could go home and tell his daughter, Jessica Rae, he 'got action from Nick.' Apparently, she's completely in love with Nick, and Bruce wanted to give her an early Christmas gift by relaying the story to her."
What? The Boss couldn't arrange for his daughter to meet Nick in person? I think that would be a better Christmas gift than telling her that he got to hug her idol.

Keeping in that spirit, I won't ask for any presents from my readers. Give those gift card and envelopes stuffed with cash to other bloggers. Instead, make my Christmas by telling me what famous people you've met. Extra points if you "got action" from them.


Leesa said...

I met Ellen Degeneres, actually sat and had a beer with her :)
I also waited on Clive Barker once. He was pretty cool.
No action though ;)

melusina said...

I met Vince Neil of Motley Crue, totally by accident and totally without wanting to.

I also met Rick Dempsey, catcher for the Baltimore Orioles circa 1984. But I wanted to meet him.

Paige said...

I've met........John Michael Montgomery, Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, and Walter Peyton (had an actual conversation with him). Those are the only ones I can think of at the moment, but I'm pretty sure there are a couple more.

Melissa said...

I met Jared Leto, he touched me and we had a conversation. I almost died. At the time I thought he was the best thing ever. I've met a lot of bands too, including, The Walkmen, Phantom Planet (who are the nicest boys ever), Architecture in Helsinki, Default, and a bunch of others. I really am trying to impress you lol.

Heidi said...

Pat Wilson, drummer of Weezer, and his lovely wife Jennifer came to a little Christmas party at my house. My sweetie Steve and I had recently moved in together. (Steve knew Pat because his girlfriend was Weezer's number one fan until she and her sisters died in a car wreck. Very sad. Steve was also a fan and a friend.)

We were living sorta poor on my income, Steve had taken a chance and quit his awful job. We gathered a bunch of fun little presents from Walgreens with coupons, and with Steve's Sears cards, and invited a few friends over that turned into around 2 dozen people.

My older fey gay friend Patrick talked to Pat (didn't know he was part of a famous band...Pat just told him he was in a band) and was asking him questions about whether it was satisfying for him, working out for him. Pat and Jen loved him.

Pat and Jen gave us a little green Santa head ornament, and a sheep ornament. Sadly, just this year I broke the sheep.

Steve and I also went to Thanksgiving at Pat and Jen's house the month before that. I think that would have been 1999.

Not long after that Pat came out with his Special Goodness album.

After a while Steve started working for a Big Company (his unemployment gamble worked out) and had less time for his friends, and Pat moved back to California. I'm not sure if Steve still talks to him on email, probably not.

Anonymous said...

Famous: Steven Tyler told me I have a pretty name as he signed/autographed a piece of paper for Caruthers.

I chauffered the lead singer of Cake around for an afternoon.

Not as famous: Joey McIntyre, I've actually met and spent a bit of time with 98 Degrees... Met John Mayer twice, got pictures with him. The latest one got my father in law to ask me, "What'd you do? Sleep with him? You guys look like you just did it." Hung with Jason Mraz...

My favorite celebrity incident? Spending a couple of hours at a lecture with Kevin Bright who encouraged me to apply for a job on Friends when it was on the air. I didn't due to some... circumstances.

There's a few more but I can't recall right now.

Muffy said...

Shoot. That was me.. sorry.

D~ said...

my daughter's teacher was recently in NYC. He stopped in a big fancy hotel to get directions... When a large group of people walked in, surrounding an average man. The teacher was approached by this man and had a brief conversation with him. When the teacher was ready to leave the hotel, in walked some teenagers. Whispering loudly that there he was.... and pointing to the man. The teacher then asked the teens who the man was... Of course they all matter of factly stated that he was the best singer ever.... then all gushed out his name.... USHER!
The teacher had no idea... LOL

Woodog said...

I rode my bicycle with Lance Arm strong for 15 minutes on the 2006 RAGBRAI (Registers Annual Bike Ride Across Iowa). No action (bummer)

I sang for Ronald Reagan in 1981 as part of a barbershop quartet. No action (*shudder*).

I met Phil Lesh and Bob Weir having a very late night breakfast in Atlanta GA in 1977. No action other than shaking hands. So, technically, they are one degree removed from 'action' since I use that hand for other things.

There are others, but I'll stop now. :-)