Sunday, December 31, 2006

Longshots Make It Fun

All of my favorite teams are long shots except for the team with the man from Alcorn State.

Our beloved Titans have made this quite the dramatic campaign. An 0-5 start and they are in contention in this final week? Unprecedented. However, they'll require some tough help from some other teams to make a playoff bid.

Here's what they need:

1) TEN win + CIN loss or tie + DEN loss + KC win

I was raised a Bengals fan and so after so many hapless years, it's nice to see the Cincinnati football team being relevant in the second half of the season. But they need help to make it to the playoffs today.

Their needs:

1) CIN win + NYJ loss, OR
2) CIN win + DEN loss + KC win

I was also raised a Vanderbilt fan and it's wonderful to see a former Vandy signal caller with a shot at the NFL playoffs - as a rookie no less. But his team also needs a few things to happen that are beyond their control.

Their needs:

1) DEN win or tie, OR
2) KC loss or tie

Steve McNair, however, is doing quite well on a powerful Baltimore Ravens team that may have no trouble at all going all the way. They've got the division title wrapped up and are healthy and strong.

NFL Week 17 is gonna be a blast.

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Paige said...

It all happened for the Titans too..........well, except they lost their game.