Saturday, December 16, 2006

December 18 Is Upon Me

In two short days, it will be December 18, 2006. I will turn 37 years old. It's my suspicion that I will celebrate it exactly the way I did last year when I turned 36. Here's what I wrote approximately 363 days ago:
It's my birthday today.

I just thought my reader(s) should know.

I celebrated like any good thirty-six year old should. I worked my shift, clocked out, and went to Waffle House where the good waitresses comped my meal. And then I came home and listened to Tom Waits, checked some blogs, drank some beers, and went to sleep.

Note to self: party a little more next time.

This time, it appears that I will work my shift, clock out, and go to the Waffle House. Then I will drive home, listen to some music and read blogs. I'll probably drink a couple of beers and then I will go to sleep. Just call me Mr. Predictable.


Lynnster said...

I think we all become creatures of habit eventually. I look forward to reading more this week (and your new photos of you and the missus are lovely!).

Thanks for the kind words yesterday, it made me happy that someone enjoyed reading it that much. It's sort of habit to write to just get it out of my head where it'll be somewhere else. I actually have some pretty extensive stuff written about that period of time, some of which is on a CD-ROM I'm not sure I'm ever going to be able to retrieve again, but I might build another less public blog someday for those things. If I ever do I will certainly let you know about it.

Have a good day and great week and don't sweat the birthday - I WISH I was going to be 37 next year!

Summer said...

Just in case I don't get a chance to send you a birthday wish on monday...

Happy Birthday!

37 ain't so bad, ya know. "They" say that 37 is the new 27. ;)

Lynnster said...

Hey, even tho you've been talking about your birthday, I just now really noticed what day it is. Someone very very dear to me who is no longer here shared your birthday, he would have been 41 this year. He died when we were 17, it's not a happy story, but I have good memories. It makes me happy that now I "know" someone else who shares that birthday. I'll have to tell you more about him sometime when I've got more time (trying to move from Blogger today). In any case you have a good birthday tomorrow, and celebrate just a little extra, OK?

newscoma said...

Happy Early Birthday!
I love your blog. I love that you drink beer, that you love Tom Waits and I do have a special place for Waffle House Cheese Eggs.
Much love to you and your cool family on the Eve of your naked birth.

AWE said...

Happy Birthday!

Do something wild today like eat a burger at Waffle House!

Have a good one.

melusina said...

I'm a day late, but Happy Birthday!!