Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Anywhere I Lay My Head, The Songs

Scarlett Johansson's collection of Tom Waits covers, Anywhere I Lay My Head is due out May 20. Billboard reports its track list below.

I've added original album titles and their release dates. It's apparent that she's not focusing on any one era of Tom Waits' career. Kudos to her for her interest in his work. I'm very excited to hear her interpretations of Tom's songs.

"Fawn" - Alice (2002)

"Town With No Cheer" - Swordfishtrombones (1983)

"Falling Down" - Big Time (1988)

"Anywhere I Lay My Head" - Rain Dogs (1985)

"Fannin' Street" - Orphans: Brawlers, Bawlers and Bastards (2006)

"Song for Jo" - original song written by Scarlett Johansson

"Green Grass" - Real Gone (2004)

"I Wish I Was in New Orleans" - Small Change (1976)

"I Don't Want To Grow Up" - Bone Machine (1992)

"No One Knows I'm Gone" - Alice (2002)

"Who Are You?" - Bone Machine (1992)


Leesa said...

I can't wait to hear this :)

S said...

Oh man, now I am really excited. I loveee Scarlet, lol!

Nancy Pants said...

OMG!! I didn't know you were back to bloging!!! So good to hear from you and know that one of my old favs is still looking in me! ;>