Thursday, February 14, 2008

I Alone, Vacuum

The family, they leave me alone this weekend for sunny Florida. Thank goodness I'm broke and busy at work or who knows what I'd get into. I'm restless for rock clubs and copious amounts of alcohol. Instead, I think I'll give the apartment a good vacuuming and watch as much VH1 Classic as I can.

Don't tell the people who care about my health, but after work tomorrow I'll probably read some Bukowski, drink a cheap bottle of red and smoke a five dollar cigar.

Boy knows how to party.


Milla said...

Forget about the cigar and invest that amount to the wine. :) Just saying. Enjoy your time alone.

GingerSnaps said...

Party at Chez Beziat's ch√Ęteau this weekend! I'm in! I'll bring the Mogan David! :)

Barbara said...

Can't go wrong with VH-1 classics! Enjoy your alone time. I love vacuuming, its therapeutic.