Saturday, February 23, 2008

This blog's phone lines are now open.

Although this blog doesn't quite have the traffic of Grand Central station (more likely the traffic of a remote stop in BFE, but with only the finest, prettiest, and smartest of travelers, of course), I've added a button to my sidebar for a Google-owned company called GrandCentral. See the button that says CALL ME? That's the one.

Apparently, not that I can think of a single reason why I need it but it does intrigue me a bit, readers can click the button, enter their number (privately if they like) and leave me a voicemail message from their phone. I can then listen to the message via an online inbox. (It can also be sent directly to my phone, but I'm not choosing that option just yet.) Click here for a better description of the service. And call and say hi if you like.


Leesa said...

You want to laugh?

I entered my number, and like a doof sat here waiting for it to work.

I always ignore my phone, so I didn't even realize that your blog was calling me :)

Yeah, I need one more green bottle :)

chez b├ęziat said...

That was cute.

I need a green bottle myself tonight. ;)

Barbara said...

Hey, this sounds cool! I might call it and see what its like. Maybe I'll add one to my blog :)

Barbara said...

TRIP! I left you a message and in the middle of it almost ejected myself from the chair I am using.

That's a cool little feature. Tried to get one but they said I have to wait till more are available. Guess Google likes you better than me!