Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Maybe I Just Don't Like Music

Peter Himmelman has been airing live concerts from his living room (I think) a lot lately via Ustream. To this day, seeing him live at the Ace Of Clubs back in the 90s remains my all time favorite concert experience. Yes, he even beats out Tom Waits in this regard for me. Of course, I've had to work each night that Himmelman has performed for all of us fans on the Internet. The good news for me yesterday was that finally he was playing on a night when I didn't have to work. Last night, at 9 pm CST I was all set to kick back on the couch and watch him live for the first time since that legendary Nashville show at the Ace.

Well, enter my luck... The laptop, "fixed" last week for a modest charge, conked out last night an hour or so before the show started. I missed Himmelman again. As far as I know, Ustream doesn't do archives so I'll just have to wish for better luck next time.

In other music news, there was a benefit for Second Harvest Food Bank a couple of nights ago at The Basement. Local bands performing their interpretations of Tom Waits songs. My cup of tea, right? I had to work but my boss was happy to let me leave early for the show. Well, being broke and being me, I talked myself out of it before the night was through. I convinced myself that dropping whatever nominal door fee and then drinking a Yazoo or two would be irresponsible and maybe the bands wouldn't be all that great anyway. As it turned out, local favorite David Olney was among the performers. For him alone, any door cover would be more than worth it. I should just kick myself daily.

Regarding the laptop, the all night disk check must have been successful and we're up and running online here again. Something tells me though that the laptop's last days are upon us. The good news is that I can always do like I did before I had a computer and just watch lots of movies on cable channels like IFC. So anyway, for the moment, it's good to be online and among such a cool community of bloggers.

Have a great day!


The Old Man and His Dog said...

We're having the same problem on this end with our laptop. Conks out on me at least 5 times a day. It's on it's last legs and of course it's during our unemployed time when finances are tight. We decided that we'd pay some bills late and get new reasonably priced laptops for each other (and my daughter)for Christmas. We haven't opened them yet, but we got Acer Aspire one's at a cost of $349 each. Awesome deal for a small netbook that does everything that our current laptop does, only faster and with more storage (120 gig).

Sorry to hear you missed the concerts.

mf said...

good to see you back online. ill keep your computer in my thoughts. :)

monstermash said...

*YOU* don't like music???

Is that a sign of the apocalypse?

Mary said...

Caught David Olney with Sergio Webb, Jack Irwin, Dan Seymour & Rick Rowell(!) accompanying him on THREE Tom Waits tunes at last night's 5th anniversary tribute & benefit. It was at The Open Lot in East Nashville. Videos to be posted soon!